Discover Islam Multimedia DVD 2.0:  Discover Islam Multimedia (version 2.) A learning guide to understanding Islam.

Discover Islam Multimedia DVD 2.0

Multimedia also contains a wealth of information and will reward the viewer with a deeper sense of purpose. The Discover Islam Multimedia 2.0 does not claim to answer all the questions you would like answered. However, this Multimedia Application will open up a new dimension of thinking, and will enable you to realize the importance of your role as a human being in this universe and help you understand the religion of Islam. This Multimedia Application

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Multimedia Manager 2.5a: View, play and manage your multimedia files in style!

Multimedia Manager 2.5a

Multimedia Manager is an all-in-one multimedia software that lets you view, play and manage your multimedia files in style. Supports many popular graphics and multimedia formats such as BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, TGA, PCX, PCD, WPG, WMF, MP3, MID, WAV, AVI, etc. Incorporated with fast and high quality imaging engine, you can stretch, tile, flip, rotate, resize, zoom, or print any image easily.

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Pos Multimedia Privacy Keeper 1.31

Multimedia Privacy Keeper better protects your privacy using dummy multimedia files: Pos Multimedia Privacy Keeper allows you to attach dummy file to the real file you wish to protect. In case unauthorized person will try to open the file (via the software or via windows) all he will see will be the dummy multimedia file. Pos Multimedia Privacy Keeper is a great value for everyone who wishes to protect his photos, video and audio files from curious

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Best Flobo CD DVD Recovery Multimedia 1.5

Multimedia recovers any type of multimedia files such as pictures, video, music – and processes both ISO 9660 and Joliet file systems. The program uses a smart file recovery algorithm that skips bad sectors. The data recovery technology based on aritificial intelligence is able to recover any multimedia files no matter the file system(Juliet, ISSO9660, etc) even for those that are yet to come. Flobo CD DVD Recovery Multimedia a windows based application

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AquaSoft Multimediawerkstatt 2.4.03: Painting, playing, text, sound, video all in one program, burn CDs, presentation

AquaSoft Multimediawerkstatt 2.4.03

Multimedia Factory is suited not only for children from elementary school age, but also for parents. As an open platform for the creation of images, texts, sounds and presentations, the Multimedia Factory includes many peripherals. Scanner, digital camera or microphone with the Multimedia Factory the first computer experiences will be free of frustrations. Because of an intuitive comprehensibility, the Multimedia Factory is especially suited for

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Multimedia Protector 3.0.2: Content and Copy Protection, DRM for Flash, PDF, PPT, EXE, Word, Video

Multimedia Protector 3.0.2

Multimedia Protector. Additional programs like Flash-Player, PPT or PDF Reader are not required - all required components are contained in the Multimedia Player. The protection is applied by encrypting and storing all files of a project, e.g. a flash application with images, video, audio and other files, in one sole database. The original file formats cannot be accessed by unauthorized users. Multimedia Protector is supplied along with its own Multimedia

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Perfect Multimedia Icons 2012.1: Enhance your multimedia software or Web-site with Perfect Multimedia Icons

Perfect Multimedia Icons 2012.1

Enhance your multimedia software or Web-site with Perfect Multimedia Icons. You can dramatically lower your project costs and speed up development by using a set of readily available toolbar icons! Each individual icon is professionally designed and carefully crafted in a contemporary style making websites and applications look modern, attractive and intuitive.

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Multimedia Toolbar Icons 2011.1: Enhance your multimedia project with high definition Multimedia Toolbar Icons

Multimedia Toolbar Icons 2011.1

Enhance your multimedia project for high definition displays with Multimedia Toolbar Icons. Cut down your project costs and speed up development by using a set of readily available, high-resolution icons! Each individual icon is professionally designed and carefully crafted in WIndows Vista style making websites and applications look modern and up-to-date, inline with the highest quality standards set by the modern operation systems.

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One-click Multimedia Jukebox 1.3: Convert music, rip music CDs, burn files to CDs and DVDs, create audio disks.

One-click Multimedia Jukebox 1.3

Convert music, rip audio CDs, burn files to CDs and DVDs and create your own audio CDs with this Windows-integrated all-in-one tool. One-click Multimedia Jukebox is a handy tool that works directly from Windows` context menu. Once installed, One-click Multimedia Jukebox easily integrates into Windows and becomes a part of it. You can convert, rip, burn while working in Windows without launching any application.

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Flying PopCorn POP 6.0: Easy to use, Multimedia Contents Authoring Tool

Flying PopCorn POP 6.0

Multimedia Contents Authoring Tool : Easy and exciting for beginners... Dynamic and interactive for experts... Flying PopCorn 6 lets you produce splendid, yet refined, contents with multimedia materials (text, image, sound, video, animation, Flash, web document and database) with easy and convenient editing. The created contents can be applied to the web as well as CDs and presentations.

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